package particlebp

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  1. trait AnytimeParticleBeliefPropagation extends ParticleBeliefPropagation with Anytime with AnytimeInnerBPHandler

    Trait for Anytime PBP algorithms

  2. class AutomaticDensityEstimator extends DensityEstimator with NormalKernelDensityEstimator

    Class to compute the normal kernel density estimation of a set of samples using Silverman's rule of thumb to automatically compute the bandwidth.

  3. trait NormalKernelDensityEstimator extends DensityEstimator with DoubleDensityEstimator with IntDensityEstimator

    A density estimator that uses normal kernel density estimation to estimate the density at an arbitrary point from a set of (probability, value) samples.

  4. trait OneTimeParticleBeliefPropagation extends ParticleBeliefPropagation with OneTime with OneTimeInnerBPHandler

    Trait for One time PBP algorithms

  5. trait ParticleBeliefPropagation extends FactoredAlgorithm[Double] with InnerBPHandler

    Trait for performing particle belief propagation.

    Trait for performing particle belief propagation.

    Only supports Double factors at the moment (i.e., no support for utilities or sufficient statistics)

  6. abstract class ProbQueryParticleBeliefPropagation extends ProbQueryAlgorithm with ParticleBeliefPropagation

    Class to implement a probability query BP algorithm