The 2nd Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Serious Games (AISG-2) is a one-day experience held in conjunction with the Ninth Annual AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE 2013) at Northeastern University in Boston, MA.

AISG-2 brings together academic, industry, non-profit, and government perspectives in a collaborative setting to explore using AI for serious games. Serious games bring the application of game techniques and technologies beyond entertainment. Building on the last workshop, we will investigate how to apply AI to serious games across education, training, health, public policy, and defense. Major challenges include managing the interactive experience, ensuring fidelity, and assessing performance. This field embraces AI topics such as virtual humans, real-time adaptation, planning, data mining, and machine learning. This year's workshop will feature the latest research and practice in this emerging area presented through panel discussions, paper sessions, and lightning talks.


We encourage submission of papers on serious game AI from all domains. Papers should address novel aspects of AI for serious games. Papers on current research and existing systems are encouraged. Examples of topics that are of interest to this workshop include:

  • Theoretical frameworks for serious game AI
  • Implemented serious game AI systems
  • Evaluation of serious game AI
  • AI for behavior change games
  • AI for rehabilitation games
  • AI for training and education games
  • AI for crowdsourcing or distributed problem solving games
  • Game-based intelligent tutoring systems
  • Interactive narrative in serious games
  • Virtual characters in serious games, such as virtual patients and clients
  • Serious game AI with applications to non-game problems
  • AI from traditional games with specific applications to serious games
  • AI from outside of games with specific applications to serious games


To Be Announced