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Our 2018 summer interns

If you are interested in joining our outstanding team of scientists and engineers to solve the most interesting and challenging knowledge-intensive problems of our day, get in touch with us. At Charles River, you'll work on real projects and cutting-edge technology. Successful internships could lead to a permanent position.


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Read what some of our past interns have said about working at Charles River:

Thank you Charles River for providing me with a fantastic opportunity to spend my summer learning and having fun! My supervisors and fellow interns were all wonderful, I gained a lot of experience of working in the field, and I'm very happy that I was able to work on an important project and given the freedom to contribute both my thoughts and efforts to it.

— Bobby

I want to thank Charles River for giving me freedom and opportunities to learn, grow, and apply my skills. This was a really valuable summer.

— Omar N.

Working at Charles River was a great experience, both in the amount of experience i gained and in how fun it was to work with so many smart people on cool projects.

— Colby H.

Thank you all for a wonderful and friendly experience. After my last internship at a gigantic, impersonal company, Charles River has restored my confidence in the human race. I really enjoyed working on a “real” project here, not to mention chasing soccer balls with my coworkers.

— Dawn W.

“I have been learning and using new technologies at a much faster pace through my work at Charles River than at any time as a full-time grad student, plus Charles River is supportive of my pursuit of a higher degree.”
- Courtney D., software engineer

I just wanted to thank you for providing me with such a great opportunity over the past three months. I never thought I would be able to have such a valuable experience before college.

— Eric S.

I just wanted to thank you all for giving me the experience to work at Charles River. I thoroughly enjoyed my summer here and I have learned a lot.

— Jenny C.

I just wanted to say bye to everyone and thank everyone for an excellent summer. I learned a lot both about computer science and about company culture. I wanted to especially say thank you to [my supervisors] for both teaching me a lot this summer and for working with me through all my questions. It was also very enjoyable playing soccer with everyone who played and I thank everyone who set that up. I didn’t think companies were allowed to have that much fun.

— Manu R.

I’ve learned a lot during my time here, and had a great time while doing it. I want to thank [my] supervisors. I also want to thank the rest of Charles River for dealing with the lunch room intern horde; your oatmeal was delicious.

— Jake O.

“As an intern, I had a great experience contributing to research that solves real world problems. Now as a supervisor, I enjoy working with bright interns to push the cutting edge of research in our field.”
- Stephanie K., Senior Scientist


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