Turning Research into Commercial Reality

When the right market opportunity appears, some ideas are ready to make a world of difference. Our technological entrepreneurs partner with you to show you how the latest innovations can impact your products, your business, and delight your customers.

We've spent decades solving some of the coolest problems in the world. We'd love to apply this experience and the innovations we've developed to the problems facing your business today.

We are expert at moving R&D out of the lab and into reality; we turn research into results.

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Our Current Commercial Business Areas of Focus

Core Business Technology Platforms

The following are examples of our IP that have been applied to commercial-ready products.

AutoTRap Onboard™—With our AutoTRap automated target recognition app running onboard your underwater vehicle, you can use digital imagery, SONAR, and other data streams to detect, track, and recognize objects, navigate through complex environments, and autonomously react to evolving situations in real time.

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Smart Retail—Using Augmented Reality, retailers in multiple industries are integrating technology into their online and in-store customer experiences. Charles River offers commercially available retail solutions that build 3D models of a customer's face and head in seconds. Using a mobile phone, customers can capture actual measurements of their face, eyes, pupillary distance (PD), and more. This makes virtual try-on of apparel, eyeglasses, or makeup more fun, engaging, and convenient, leading to more closed sales!

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CyberSecurity—Charles River offers commercially available Cyber Security Advisory Services to assess threats and evaluate vulnerabilities in customer networks. We also offer recommendations for threat containment and proactive security prevention for our customers. Our expert strategic advisors enable us to provide our clients with the right collection of emergent cyber support mechanisms to best defend their information and resources.

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Adaptive Intelligent Training Systems—Charles River has designed adaptive, scalable Intelligent Training Systems, tailored to offer personalized instruction and delivery of any curriculum. As opposed to a one-size-fits-all model, we apply AI and human-centered computing to offer personalized training programs that adapt to a student's learning curve through an optimized learning path and curriculum.

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Smart Cameras—Whether it's spotting a migrating grey whale in the far distance, tracking targets of interest from the air, or monitoring vehicle and pedestrian traffic through a checkpoint, Charles River has commercially available computer vision software solutions that recognize, detect, track, and classify objects across the ground, sea, air and space domains.

Awarion™️️ v1.0 Annual License $250K

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Tailored Tech Solutions for an Evolving Marketplace

Commercialization gives us the ultimate opportunity to engage across the value chain-with customers, industry partners, investors, and other B2B firms-through our groundbreaking technology portfolio. These partnerships take our tremendous technological capital into the marketplace to solve a variety of business problems for our customers. When you team with us or license our technology, we provide guidance to ensure your initial concept is embodied in a successful prototype and can thrive at market launch.

Charles River brings your best ideas to life. Discover our difference.

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Our Military-Tested IP: Leveraging an Endless Innovation Pipeline

How you can work with us

Licensing our Technology

Our licensable technologies cover a broad spectrum of intelligent systems capabilities, including: Smart Sensing for Situational Awareness, Autonomous Robotics, Cognitive Human-Machine Interfaces, and Adaptive Intelligent Training Systems. These technologies are rooted in our advanced AI computing techniques, including machine learning and computer vision processing pipelines.

Joint Development Ventures/Partnerships

Charles River brings advanced AI and human-centered computing solutions to joint development ventures and partnerships with leaders in a variety of fields. We provide the critical transition link from academic research, to applied research, to fully operational systems. We're highly flexible in our approach, with creative solutions for distribution, marketing, and more when called upon.

AI/ML Consulting

Charles River offers full-service AI/ML strategic advising and consulting services to help address your commercial needs. We realize that companies are going to have a greater reliance on AI/ML so they can do much more with less-for production, consumer interface, operations, and ecommerce needs. In fact, the incentive for companies to rely on AI, robotics, and digitization to run and expand businesses is greater than ever before. Whether it's augmenting your AI algorithms on the backend, providing image and video analysis, or predicting system maintenance needs, we harness the power of AI to deliver real and actionable results for your business.

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