Thursday, December 7, 2017

Charles River Analytics, Inc., developer of intelligent systems solutions, will demonstrate its bicycling safety technology in downtown Las Vegas from December 12-15, 2017. Charles River is partnering with the City of Las Vegas to test a system that aims to increase cycling safety and improve transportation efficiency.

bicycleCity planners and engineers helping to shape Southern Nevada have rolled out numerous initiatives to make cycling both easier and more common, for residents and visitors alike. As Las Vegas matures, it is adopting forward-thinking policies geared towards toward long-term sustainability and a sense of community, such as doubling its 466 miles of bike lanes and 26 miles of buffered bike lanes. To accompany this change, Las Vegas is also exploring ways to make its roadways safer.

Under a US Department of Transportation-funded contract, Charles River Analytics developed a system, called MAIN-ST, to improve bicycle safety.    

“Using a combination of commercially available hardware and custom software algorithms and processing methods, we can provide cyclists with a smartphone application that allows them to plan safer trips and make safer riding decisions while en route,” explained Dr. Michael Jenkins, Senior Scientist at Charles River.

Charles River’s MAIN-ST system also enables communications between cyclists and infrastructure, such as traffic signals. For example, cyclists can be notified that a stop light is about to turn red, and the stoplight will be alerted that a cyclist is approaching. Better communication can lead to fewer collisions and improved transportation efficiency.

Charles River will test its MAIN-ST system to demonstrate connectivity between the bicycles and connected infrastructure while riding bicycles in downtown Las Vegas. The team also plans to test hazard detection and alerting capabilities.