Wednesday, December 12, 2018

CAPT PICARDWhen personnel from your training program are selected by leaders to work in high-stress jobs, everyone involved needs to know that your personnel are ready to perform. Our scientists and engineers have specifically developed processes, software, and hardware to measure and evaluate how well a trainee will perform when facing the pressures that occur in their job environment.

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Our Solutions in Action 

Charles River Analytics worked closely with NASA to assess and measure astronaut workload and performance. We applied our proprietary tools, software, and hardware systems to measure cognitive workload of subjects undergoing training and individuals on the job. From this data, we evaluated new tools and systems being developed to assist astronauts in carrying out mission objectives. The measurement system (CAPT PICARD) can also be deployed during space missions to inform astronauts and Mission Control when performance begins to deteriorate, so they can take action before a crisis occurs.

CAPT PICARD uses Sherlock™, Charles River’s open and extensible software and hardware platform that provides a unified, end-to-end solution. With Sherlock, you can rapidly prototype applications to collect, analyze, visualize, and reason about human physiological, neurological, and behavioral data.