Monday, August 27, 2018

Charles River Analytics, developer of intelligent systems solutions, created a weather and climate forecasting tool to improve mission planning for the US Navy. Current Navy forecasting systems and mission planning tools rely exclusively on short-term forecasts or long-term statistical climate products to inform operational plans. Substituting short-term forecasts and statistical climate data with long-range forecasts can improve mission readiness and effectiveness, while ensuring safety and reducing cost, labor, and resource requirements.

climateCharles River Analytics and our partners, the University of Miami and Clear Science, Inc., used machine learning to create COMPASS, which forecasts the probability that conditions will differ from long-term climatological averages or mission-specific thresholds.

"With COMPASS, operational planners and decision-makers can access more reliable and longer-term weather and climate predictions,” said Alison O’Connor, Technical Lead on COMPASS.

Learn more about the benefits of using COMPASS in mission planning.