• Arnold, K.1, Chauncey, K.2, and Gajos, K.3

    Predictive Text Encourages Predictable Writing
  • Bracken, B.1, Endsley, M.2, Tobyne, S.1, Leather, C.1, and Farry, M.1

    Continuous Cognitive Workload Assessment and Combined Metrics of Performance in the Multi-Attribute Task Battery
  • Bracken, B.1, Houssan, C.2, Broach, J.2, Milsten, A.2, Leather, C.1, Tobyne, S.1, Winder, A.1, and Farry, M.1

    Evaluation of a New Functional Near Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) Sensor, the fNIRS Explorer™, and Software to Assess Cognitive Workload During Ecologically Valid Tasks
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