We provide a full range of on-water testing services for both government and commercial clients at our Wakefield, Rhode Island, test facility.

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Marine Testing Services

On water testingCharles River’s Marine Systems Test Facility is located on Block Island Sound in Wakefield, Rhode Island. It provides immediate, year-round access to Navy-approved littoral testing waters in the Point Judith Harbor of Refuge, Narragansett Bay, Block Island Sound, and beyond. Testing services include assembly, transport, deployment, operation, evaluation, and maintenance of marine systems, including:

  • Unmanned underwater vehicles (3’ to 30’ UUVs)
  • Underwater and ruggedized sensors
  • Underwater moored systems
  • Surface platforms and vessels
  • Custom and complex underwater devices

Marine systems testing is supported by our on-site engineers, who have direct experience in designing/developing marine systems for the US Navy. Support vessels are manned by our licensed captains and deckhands. The testing facility includes a design office and high-bay warehouse for fabrication, assembly, and secure storage. Our location in the Point View Marina provides dockage for vessels up to 100’ in length and hauling for vessels up to 65 tons, with 24’ of beam.

Our proximity to testing grounds, access to resources, as well as trained engineering and maritime staff uniquely positions us as the fastest and easiest solution to prove your marine systems in the water.

Engineering and Prototype Development

Development Services

engineering and prototype developmentCharles River’s Hardware Engineering and Prototype Team includes system, software, electrical, mechanical, and ocean engineers who specialize in research and development of hardware prototypes for intelligent systems. We have diverse experience developing hardware systems for the Navy, including:

  • Unmanned vehicle communication, navigation, and control systems
  • Ruggedized and waterproof electronic systems
  • Depth-rated and pressure-tolerant housings
  • Underwater vehicle electrical and mechanical systems
  • UUV launch and recovery vessels and devices
  • Sensor and scientific testing rigs

In addition to a full engineering staff, we have in-house technicians and tooling to fabricate, wire, build, and integrate prototypes for rapid development and testing cycles.

The deep expertise of our qualified and agile innovators, coupled with our state-of-art facility, ensures that your intelligent system prototypes can succeed in a complex, real-life marine environment.

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